Veracity Insurance Orientation Forms in RGP

Do you use Veracity as your insurance broker? If so, you may have become aware that Veracity will be requiring additional orientation checklist forms for new participants.

These are new documents that will need to be signed by participants (and possibly staff) in addition to the standard release of liability. For example, if a customer pays for bouldering access – once the waiver is signed and the day pass funds collected, this customer will need to have a “bouldering orientation” and an associated form completed and signed.

If this is the first you have heard of this new requirement, you are encouraged to contact Cameron Allen at Veracity (, 866-395-1308) to discuss any concerns regarding this new requirement.

Capturing these new documents will result in a significant change to your front desk/new participant work flow. Many facilities are contacting RGP and asking “can these new forms be digital?”

The short answer is YES, you can use RGP’s waiver system to capture these forms electronically. And we have a number of gyms that have created and deployed these additional forms within the RGP waiver system.

But before rolling out these new digital forms, we are highly encouraging facilities to move slowly and consider using paper for these new documents, at least initially.

And here’s why:

* This is a significant change to your work flow, and before introducing the complexity of digital documents it makes sense to gain experience with the new workflow with the simplest method possible – paper.
* Paper documents are faster to complete than electronic documents. That’s just a fact. Electronic documents make sense for the waiver because you are capturing 100% accurate participant information into your database. These new documents won’t be used to create customer records in your database (just attached to existing records), thus it might not make sense to introduce the slower electronic document at that stage in the process.
* The requirement for these documents might be temporary. Nobody can predict the future, but before investing in expensive new hardware (iPads, for example) it does make sense to let things shake out in the industry and see if this new requirement sticks.
These are the reasons that initially, we are recommending facilities test the waters of these new documents with paper first. Fortunately, RGP includes the ability to bulk-scan and bulk-attach paper documents. With this bulk scanning functionality you can very quickly scan documents into customer records. We have a video tutorial available on bulk scanning.

Not sold on paper? As mentioned earlier, the RGP waiver system can be used to capture these documents electronically. The RGP waiver system has always supported multiple forms, and if you desire you can immediately create and deploy the forms electronically. For those that need assistance deploying these forms electronically, we will be providing expanded instructions on how to accomplish this in RGP in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, this new document requirement presents a significant wrinkle to your existing work flow. But rest assured RGP can help you tackle this new challenge using conventional paper documents (scanned into RGP) or using electronic forms.



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    Hello Diane, 

    I have a call scheduled with Sarah on Monday to discuss.
    But some documents can be created in RGP, and/or Smartwaiver. It depends on what the document looks like as Smartwaiver is an amazing waiver solution they don't have as much configuration to allow a staff name/signature along with the customer's name/signature to be within one digital document.
    This all being said, I cannot speak to the legality of what an insurance company is requiring or not.

    I hope this answers your question


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  • Any update on instructions for creating an orientation document in RGP?

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  • Contact support @ and Amy can help you set these up if desired.

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  • Is this still pertinent?  We have paper orientation, autobelay, Top rope, and lead, checklists that are signed and scanned.  Can these be digitalized and put on tablet and sent through Smartwaiver system to each client?  Or do you have a better idea?

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