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Hi guys!

Sorry, I feel like I've been blowing this forum up big time the last couple of days. I was wondering if adding some level of customization to what shows up on the check screen was planned. Specifically, we would love to be able to add a small checkbox next to guest members at the check in screen to show that they've paid. We often have a lot of regulars who are "guests" and are allowed to pay at the end of the session. It would be great for us to help track that from the check in screen.

Thanks again. It's been a total pleasure switching our gym to RGP from our antique system. Thanks for being awesome!



  • No such customization exists and it would be far more complex (and error prone) than it appears. What does "paid" mean? Transactions can be very complex, for instance someone may by a candy bar not a day pass, etc, etc. What if someone else is paying for the day pass? etc.

    The next update includes a quick way to check-in users right from the POS screen, so that should help with making sure paid people get checked in properly though.

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  • Hi Andy,

    The customization would only be there to show if a Guest has paid. We have somewhat unique set up here at our gym with customers who pay for an annual membership that gives them reduced rates. For a long time those customers were able to come right in and just pay at the end. IDEALLY, all of these customers would just pay as they come in and that's what we're moving towards, but it's hard to get climbers to change their habits.

    As it is now, these annual members have a keytag and are noted in the system with a customer subtype. The option to have a single checkbox next to the customer's name would be ideal for us so that they can walk in, scan their card so that we know they are an annual member and then our employees can check the box when they pay.


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