Questions about RGP: 100k customers, inventory, and member check in

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Hi Guys, just doing some testing of the software to see if it's suitable, as our current system needs updating, we currently have 99,900 customers on file and a massive retail shop - around 200mb database.
Can you tell me:
1. With say a 10 punch card, if someone comes in with one, can the system discount their "day pass" to $0 or do you have to manually do that - as we don't physycally maker a punch card, they system has to track it - similarly with 3/6/12 month prepaid memberships.
2. Also, can "members" have i.d. number as part of their file, so we can scan their i.d. card rather than looking for names in a list?



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  • 100k customers… nice! RGP can support that many, though I suspect there will be a few performance bottlenecks to address but nothing too bad. I know gyms are using it with 50k customers no problem.

    The “massive” retail shop may be the stickiest spot. RGP certainly has retail capabilities, but if you are using a full-blown retail system right now you might finds some limitations. I suggest reviewing the inventory features to see what you think.

    The answers to your punch card and membership questions are YES… RGP tracks punches and membership uses and members (and punch card users) can be given an ID card to check in.

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