Automatic and Transactional emails...

So my test emails have all worked just fine, but as soon as I took my system out of test mode they are not working.
For instance: While in test mode several customers bought I product that sends an automatic email. Those emails appeared in the queue as "skipped-test mode." I went ahead and took my system out of test mode and sent a copy of that email to the customers who had been skipped and could see in my sendgrid account that my tokens where being used and I was sending emails (one even was a bad email address).
Once I took the system out of test mode I tried emailing a customer's receipt after a transaction, but got the error: "your email settings are not properly configured."
I tried testing that same product that sent an automatic transactional email with a test account. The email never went to the queue and has not shown up in the email account.
What setting am I missing that has the emails working in the test environment but not the live environment? Also, the "send a copy" is working from the email management window but not the "email invoice" buttons from POS or the customer's invoices window?
Email is turned "on" and "test mode" is disabled. I have already closed the program and reopened it and run daily maintenance.



  • Even if test mode is unchecked (disabled), you still need to have a valid email address listed in the test email address box.

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  • Perfect, thanks

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