Drop in fees


We have an option to buy packages or to simply drop in.

Im doing packages with punch cards, but how can i configure the software for the simple drop ins?

so, if a person is a drop in, every time they check in, they need to pay a fee...




  • If I understand your question, these "drop in users" are simply GUESTS in Rock Gym Pro. Just sell them a day pass like normal, flip over to the Check In screen, and check them in!

    Perhaps I misunderstand your question though....l

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  • no I think that is it. I was just wondering if i could do it all in one step :).

    also, can i set it so that if i sell a day pas to an existing customer(guest) it automatically checks them in? i believe right now it only checks in new members..

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  • No, and this is intentional. I want the staff member to SEE all the warnings/alerts/no-waivers, etc. on a check-in, so doing it silently in the background would not allow this. So yes, it is a two step process.

    The other problem is often one person buys multiple day passes - so then in that case only one customer would get auto checked in and it would then be inconsistent behavior.

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