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We prepare weekly reporting which shows the number of visits including the number of group bookings. We’ve noticed that all the check-ins relating to a course with multiple sessions are recognised in the first month. This skews the data, particularly for our kids sessions which run for 12 weeks. I found a way around this, by running the ‘Detailed check-in report,’ which seems to show the group check-ins on the day they actually happen. However my concern is that ‘Total Check-ins’ (taken from the ‘Charting & Data Visualisation’ tab) will be including the check-ins for later months. Not sure if that makes sense, however my base question is: Is there a way to obtain Visit numbers (both individual & groups) that only relate to the actual period that I’m running the report for.



  • Hi -

    Check-ins are recorded by date... so what report are you referring to that shows them as grouped with the first session?

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  • Hi

    Sorry for the delayed response, I hadn't noticed you'd replied. The screen I'm referring to is in:

    Calendar/Reports & Grids/Bookings & Check Ins etc.

    If I filter on a date range eg. 19 September (start date of our children's classes), participants is 6, but check-ins is 27 as it includes check-ins for the term to date. I can get around this by clicking on 'Detailed Check-in Report' (on the same page) which shows check-ins on the actual date they occurred. However I'm unsure how check-ins are being treated on another report I run which is in:

    Reporting/Charting & Data Visualisation/Sales by Account/Visits & Check Ins

    As we use these 2 reports together, I just need to confirm that they're treating the check-ins in the same way. I have a concern that they're not as the total check-ins for September (on the data visualisation graph) changed after the month-end, which suggests its including check-ins from later dates.


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