Quickbook integration

I need to get QB and RGP to be best friends. When doing so, I am prompted with a window that says I am attempting to let an application without a certificate allow access to QB.

If I click continue--I get this:
"This application is not signed with a digital certificate. If you allow unsigned applications to access your file, a different application can use the same application name and possibly misuse your data."

Is this normal, and do I proceed from this warning?



  • Yes, that's normal. Just ignore the warning. We digitally sign the MSI install package, but not the individual executable files. Try not install any other application called "Rock Gym Pro" ;)

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  • OK, I have a consultant coming in to help out with this as well.

    I had set up a list of income accounts in QB, but I never had QB linked to RGP.
    I am at the point of doing the "QB accounting transfer". I have been inputing everything manually into RGP, so at this point I have NOTHING actually linked. All the deposits from X-charge and cash deposits I have manually input into QB. So I know how much money I have made with deposits, but I have no idea (at this point) where the money came from (ie rentals, day passes, retail drinks, memberships etc)

    At the "QB accounting transfer", IF I set the date to when I opened (June 1st), will this create everything again into QB (double entries?)?

    In your opinion, what is the best way to attack this?

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  • I'd just delete all the transactions in QB from June 1st and then transfer everything via the QB integration starting June 1st - otherwise you'd get duplicates.

    Alternately, you can just change the date in the QB transfer window to begin transfers starting with today's date.

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