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Is it possible to edit the resources required for specific instance of an event? At the moment we have a few offerings that are set up to cancel each other when one is booked as they share a resource, however there are cases when we have the staff available to run both and would like to be able to reflect this on our booking pages. 

The problem we have is that this is done on an ad-hoc basis so it is difficult to set up rules to allow this for the whole offering. With the software we used to use for  our online bookings it was possible to edit the resource of an individual event without effecting the rest of the offering. Is it possible to do this on Calendar? Alternatively, is there a way to set up "or" rules for resources; i.e. we can run this session if instructor 1 or  instructor 2 is available. 



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    Hi Ben,

    What you're describing is not possible. Resource dependency is determined on an offering by offering basis, not on an event by event basis. In this case, the easiest solution might be to make a duplicate of the offering in question and configure that duplicate to not require the resource. This duplicate offering would not normally be scheduled, but you could use it to schedule one-off events that were not subject to normal restrictions.

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