Can you make it so people have to complete the digital waiver before they can make an online event booking?


I work at a bouldering wall with RGP and wanted to know if it is possible to make it mandatory for customers to complete the online waiver forms before they can make an online booking for an event or session. Currently people can book on our events online but they often forget to complete the waiver at the same time (despite us indicating this during the online process) which means that it takes up a lot of time and manpower when they have to do it in person at the wall as well as taking up all our terminals when it's busy. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.





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    Hello John,

    There is no way for RGP to make a waiver mandatory prior to completing an online booking. However, there are few features within RGP you can use to help relay the information to your customers.

    Have you looked into using our Event Document System [EDS]? Here is the URL to the overview of the EDS: 

    Custom Questions for bookings- a yes/no question. Do you understand every participant must complete a facility waiver prior to climbing? The waiver link will be included in your confirmation email. This is an example of a question...the customer would have to answer.

    Remember that customers can also use their mobile phones to complete a facility waiver, and then your staff could validate the waivers manually if this is part of your operational practice. Here is a URL to customers question about the process:

    John, if you have any further questions please email

    Thank you 



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