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Is it possible to speed up the waiver process during check ins? For instance if I have a summer camp that is coming in with 40 participants (all of which have never been in before) and I need to pull all of their waivers through before checking them in.. How can this be done quickly and effectively? The current process takes roughly a minute per person, so now I need the group to show up 40 minutes early to be able to start their event on time?



  • Hi -

    Thanks for posting.

    I'm not sure where the bottleneck is, as I just performed the following operation: Opened Find Documents, looked up a waiver, selected it as a new customer, and confirmed the customer creation. That operation took about 15 seconds. That's still 10 minutes with 40 customers, but ultimately if you only have a single workstation and one staff member performing the operations... that will be a bottleneck.

    The waiver acceptance process is a critical step that requires staff attention/accuracy to avoid creating duplicate customers OR mis-assigning waivers.... thus I'm not sure how it could be made faster while also insuring accuracy.

    NOTE: With regard to the "check-in step, there is an option in settings to automatically check-in new customers. If that's not checked, you'll want to enable that option as that speeds things up as well.

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  • Also -

    If you are using the calendar and they are BOOKED into an event, than you can use the Participants tab on the event to quickly check-in all the customers as well. All the participants are listed and you can quickly check all the boxes. For waivers though, you'll naturally need to use Find Documents to locate and assign the waivers.

    A Find Documents button isn't currently available on the Participants Tab (though perhaps I'll add it), but by using the ALT-TAB keystroke, you can quickly flip between open applications. So you can have Data Entry -> Find Documents window open in the background, and the Calendar application open in the foreground. And then just use ALT-TAB to flip between them.

    Hope this helps

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