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I am renting crashpads at my gym. I have a deposit that we charge in addition to the daily rate.
With a customer today (morning of 12/15/15), this is what I did as I thought it would work out, but it didn't.

The customer was not a member, and wanted the deposit to go onto her credit card, but did not want us to charge it. The only way I thought of doing this was to make her a member, swipe her card info into the system, and invoice her the deposit, that way at the end of the night after she returned the pad, I could void the invoice.

However, after I invoiced the deposit, I charged her (swiped her card) for the actual cost of one day of rental.

She returned the pad in the evening of 12/15/15, and I want to void her invoice. However, since it is not the most recent invoice, I can't void it. System says something to the effect that I need to create a return transaction with the identical items.

How do I void this without charging her card???



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  • You can't do this with a VOID if there is a transaction in between for the customer. This is just a limitation. Additionally, you can never void a transaction once it has been batched - so using void is just a bad idea.

    This will always involve two charges IMO.

    Make a transaction for the DEPOSIT + DAILY RATE and charge it.
    When they return the pad, make a new transaction where you RETURN the DEPOSIT and credit her card back with the deposit.

    Yes, you'll pay the transaction fee both ways so you may just want to bake that into the daily rate (perhaps as a "first day" rate that is higher)

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