Tranferring data to QB

In transferring QB entries into RGP.

It won't let me as it says: On 8/13/2016 the credits do not match the debits and the journal entry cannot be created.
To Correct:
1. change the dates to transfer up until the day BEFORE the problem date.
2 Then transfer the date in question manually from the Z-out report for that date (you may need to enter an adjustment in QB)
3. You can then continue to use the automated transfers AFTER the problem date.

I looked at my Z-out report-- there is a $6.48 difference from the "Payments" and the "Accounts"--- $6.48 just happens to be the cost of rental shoes/harness with tax.

What is the easiest way to fix this, so I can transfer 8/14 and the ongoing days?
I don't know how to transfer the date in question manually......



  • Yes, you'll need to just manually create the journal entries in QBs from the problematic zout for the day. You do this in Quickbooks via the Make Journal Entry command/menu item. Not sure the specific location of that because it depends on your version of QB.

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  • Andy-- I figured out re-creating the journal entry from that day (using past days as a template), and made the adjustment in QB so that amount matches and the 13th is happy.

    When I am in Data Entry and I am transferring the days, how do I get rid of the 13th, as RGP still wants to transfer it, but the amounts don't match?

    Meaning, I can't transfer the 14th to QB yet, because the 13th is still there.

    I can always select the dates of the 14th through the 14th, and transfer the 14th?--- but wont the 13th still be there??

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  • Just change the dates, and move forward. RGP will also remember the most recent date transferred. Meaning, as soon as you transfer the 14th it won't show the 13th anymore.

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