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the new z-out is great and speeds up the closing procedure greatly. A couple of ideas to streamline it though.

1. Have the cash draw open either when you hit "z-out" or "count change", or have it as an option, or a "open cash draw" button on the z-out screen

2. When entering the credit card info, there is no facility to correct a wrongly entered card type. Example: a staff enters a check as a Visa by accident when making a sale. You do the z-out and it says there was a sale on a visa, but there actually wasn't, as it was a check. There is no way to correct this as the visa transaction is all that appears.

This could be a big issue if you have a staff member entering all sales as cash. Or in our case, where we have EFTPOS (like a check card but direct debits from a check or savings account). We enter these transactions as check (closest to what they are) as they do not act or show like a credit card transaction. Not being able separate them in the z-out makes the accountants life more difficult when figuring out bank charges.

Sorry to ramble. This could be solved by having all the options, check, visa, master card, appear in the box like the count change option. This could allow the closer to correct the wrongly labeled sale.

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  • Clay -

    #1 - good idea on cash drawer button, added to the feature list

    #2 - I'm leery to provide a "change transaction type feature" because in addition to providing the interface it would also need to provide an audit trail for a manager to review. But, fortunately there is a way to accomplish what you want. Create a new transaction where you RETURN the product via the incorrect transaction type. And then create a new transaction where you SELL the product via the correct transaction type. To me this actually is a good solution because it provides an audit trail of WHO did WHAT. That's how we have been solving this problem at our gym - though it doesn't happen too often fortunately.

    Hope this helps

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  • Thanks Andy,

    I did think about that, but it could be a lot of work for a large facility. I guess it prompt the managers to ensure the staff are selecting the right payment type if they have to return and resell a lot of items. It does come down to the staff should be selecting the right payment type at the time of the sale. We get more than the average due to the EFTPOS payment here and getting it confused with a credit card.


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  • Also - you can VOID the transaction and then redo the sale - faster than the return.

    Part of the reason this is (to me) the preferred solution is that payment methods can be vastly more complicated than they first appear.

    For instance - many gyms have integrated credit card processing with RGP and it would be disaster to allow them to manually change the method after the fact. Better for them to process the return/void and redo the sale. Otherwise their batch won't match up.

    Also there are split payments, which add their own layer of complication.

    So providing an interface to "switch payment methods" would be quite complex to cover all the possible scenarios.

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