Customer alerts on certain products.

Some of our products require our staff to edit the customer's membership details after the sale. If would be great if we could set an alert message to our staff anytime a certain product is sold and tendered. Example, if a 1 month prepaid membership is sold, an alert would popup reminding the staff to edit the customer's membership after payment has been received.



  • In my opinion, this is a staff training issue - not a software limitation. Your staff should know that if they sell a membership, it needs to be setup. Popup alerts are the wrong solution as they'll just be ignored if they are too common.

    Hopefully next year (2012) I will be able to get to a feature that will allow you to quickly configure the memberships within POS after completing the sale - but there are a surprising number of complicating factors (purchasing members for other people, starting memberships later, just to name a few)

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  • tavdog:

    A great way to facilitate well trained staff and good operational procedures is to use the membership forms that come with RGP. They walk both the customer and the staff through the whole procedure of membership selling, member data/info collection, and have spots for staff to initial that membership records have been updated and managers to confirm membership were set up properly.

    If you use the forms and fill them out correctly memberships will always be setup properly, and you will have a complete record that you can scan into RGP so if there are any membership problems in the future you can open up the member documents and view their membership form (such as: missing info not entered into RGP, customer disputes, etc...)

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