Why do I need to put in my address every time?

My son is on a rock climbing team and it drives me crazy that every time I go to a gym that isn't my home gym that I have to fill out your form. I get that each gym might have different legal requirements so there might not be much you can do about the second page but can you at least give me a login to auto fill the first page?

With a login, you could capture

birth date
phone number
whether or not to SPAM me
emergency contant
where I heard about you

See, I got tired just listing it all.

I am happy that when I fill out the form online that I don't have to put all of that info in for me and my family.




  • Hi -

    Each gym is its own entity with its own insurance company and legal requirements. Pre-filling out these documents is just not practical unfortunately since part of the "process" is completing the form.

    At least you can do it online ahead of time :)


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  • I get the insurance form sections of the document, but why do I have to fill out all of those other fields every time? This happens even at the same gym.

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