Multiple Guests Pay all On One Card

We are trying to run a more efficient sales report, listing the items that our returning guests/customers typically get when they come in. With the way that the POS is currently set-up, there is a huge discrepancy in the reports (unless there's another way that I'm unaware of). 

For example:

Let's say we have 4 people walk in, and they're all here to climb together as a group. They also decide to pay all together. With the way that the POS is currently set to take payments, we can only run the transaction through one single entity or person, so when we run our sales report, it looks as if that one single entity or person purchased those items/passes for themselves instead of being tied to the customers who were involved in the purchase as well. Does this make sense?

If there is another way to tie the transaction to multiple guests/customers, please let me know! 




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