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Hi, there seems to be some kind of bug with exporting to Excel, which I've noticed for the last month or so. When you export e.g. an inventory reorder report to Excel and then try to save it, it has always defaulted to document type "Web Page/html", which was annoying but you just had to remember to change to save as an excel file on the "save as" screen (it would give you a warning that this was happening). For the last month or so, however, there is a bug which I think makes the file save as a web page (without giving a warning anymore), but with a .xlsx extension, which makes the resulting file unopenable. This behaviour may be due to a Windows update I guess (we're using Windows 10) but I wondered if there was any way to flag the output file from RGP as an excel file so that excel doesn't try to save it as a web page in the first place. At the moment I keep sending unreadable excel files to people! Thanks.



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    Hi James -

    There was no change within RGP regarding this behavior, so any change would be from Excel or Windows.  RGP has never actually generated XLS files.  We've always generated HTML files containing tablular data and the HTML file is what we pass to Excel to open.

    That being said, most reports have a Save As - CSV option which is designed to be opened in any program that opens a CSV - that includes Excel, Google Sheets, etc.

    Hope this helps






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  • One thing to note that may be happening here if you are trying to Save As using the F12 button: In newer updates to Excel, if you "Save As" using the F12 button, the save as function does not always work as expected. The resolution to this is to go to File > Save As instead.

    I'm not sure if this is part of your problem, but a possible solution.

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