How to mass add/delete notes from members.

So one of our admins added a note to everybody's account the past week, and whether or not it was intentional, this has been deemed a bad move. Can anybody tell me if it would be possible to remove this note - or possibly toggle the "alert on check-in" status of the note from all affected members?

Please and thank you.



  • Hello--no this cannot be undone by you BUT Rock Gym Pro [RGP] maybe able to write a SQL statement to undo what the Admin did. There will be a one time fee for the SQL statement.
    As a side note, there is the message from RGP--Are you sure? before the Yes button is clicked.
    You can email if you are interested in the SQL statement.
    thank you

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  • So the admin must have run a statement himself to add the notes. I will ask to look at what he had and email the support address. Thanks Amy.

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