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How does a family freeze work? We charge $8 for individuals to do a freeze and $12 for a family freeze. What if only 1 member of the family wants a freeze? Is that possible? How do you do that? Or, if 2 family member wants different freeze times? Thanks



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  • Freezing can be as complicated, or as simple as you want it. But a $12 "family freeze" will be complicated as it will require manually setting alternate freeze rates on each person. And doesn't make the best business sense to me, personally as it makes it too easy for all members to freeze.

    And yes, all members are frozen individually. A family freeze would require freezing all of them.

    RGP will charge $X per freeze (customizable in Setting). So if 2 of 3 family members freeze, it'll be $x * 2. If you want to do the family freeze, you'll need to set everyone to a $0 alternate freeze and $12 for one member.

    IF you have more question I suggest emailing support @ or watching the freeze video at the link below (though the alternate freeze feature didn't exist when that video was made).

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