Guest passes for non-members

Hello all,

I'm trying to find out whether there's a way to use guest passes with customers who are non-members.

Is there a setting that can be changed?





  • Guest passes are only supported for members. Why would you want a "guest" to have guest passes, just curious? What is the end-goal?

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  • Hi Andy,

    OK - thanks.

    So we have three types of customer.

    Those who hold some kind of pass (or pre-paid) who are classified as members on RGP - Passholders
    Regular climbers who don't hold any kind of pass, but have paid a small annual registration fee that gives them access to a discount on their pay as you go climbing and a bunch of other offers (all pass holders are automatically also part of this group) - members
    100% guests - one off climbers or those who don't want to pay the annual fee for whatever reason - Guests

    That group of regular non-pass holders is obviously a group that brings in a lot of business through referral. But they don't really hold a 'membership'. So I would want to be able to give them guest passes as a value add for their registration fee benefits, without making them pass holders.

    It's really just a difference between how we as the Hangar and RGP describes/names customer types.

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  • actually,i think this is not very difficult thing. you can ask a technician design your software to allow guest check in. and therefore maybe you need to print some membership card for your gym.every time when a guest issue out his gym card,swipe it on your RFID card reader or magnetic stripe card reader,it shows member details,reward points etc. and if you need to print some membership card or buy RFID card reader or magnetic stripe reader, you can go to . they can offer you one stop solution.

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