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We want to run a promotion where it would be buy one get one free for booking top rope belay classes with us for a certain period of time. I can set it up so that the minimum amount required for the promotion to be available is equal to twice the cost of a class, and then add that the percent discount is 50%, but the problem is that our classes have different prices depending on customer type: $12.95 for non-members and $9 for members. So if 2 members or if 2 non-members book the class, that promotion works. But if 1 non-member and 1 non-member book the class, the promotion does not give you "buy one get one free", rather it gives a 50% discount of $10.97 instead of $12.95 (for a buy one, get one of equal or lesser value).



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  • You might try experimenting with the Advanced/Custom pricing option for promotions. But ultimately, not every imaginable pricing combination can be supported.

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