Automated E-mails - Free Membership Differentiated From EFT/Prepaid


Currently setting up automated e-mails for our facility. Whenever a new customer comes to our gym for the first time, we grant them a 1 week free membership. We'd like for this to trigger an automated e-mail, informing them of this and welcoming them etc. Essentially, the function that the 'new guest' option would. An e-mail that is different from the paid membership option.

Is this possible? There appears to be no pre-made option, and using guest automation obviously doesn't work as our first time visitors are changed to 'member' status when we first create them as customers.

Is have a custom query made the only option here?




  • I'm not Andy, but my suggestion is to have a product called 'First Visit and Free Week' and have an email generated by the purchase of that product. You can set that up in Email System>Custom Actions. On subsequent visits they buy a normal Day Pass and don't get an email.

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  • I'm Amy and I work with Andy and RGP :-)
    I would be careful with converting Guest to Members for a short period of time. Why? Because this method will skew your membership numbers for all the reporting within RGP- such as the Membership Retention and Analysis Report, Charting and Visualization and Customer Queries.
    It's easier to convert to punch card holder- give them 7 punches and expire them in One week, as an alternative idea.

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