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With the introduction of selling gift cards online through RGP we've been thinking a lot about what other things might do well online. It seems like many fitness facilities (excluding climbing gyms) offer deeply discounted EFT memberships online and are able to create huge member bases without having people actually come in. As much as I want to see people come through our doors and fall in love with climbing, offering an easy way to create recurring members is key for business.

I know RGP has no way to do this currently, but has anyone experimented and/or found something that works? We've considered using 3rd party software like MindBody, but this just complicates things. It looks like Sender One has used the Calendar function to work something out, but it still seems quite involved. Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated!



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  • From a business standpoint, I would highly suggest NOT discounting your memberships online except for short periods. Health clubs are all about "churning" new customers... and these customers typically don't last very long.

    In my experience, successful climbing gym businesses succeed by creating long term climbers.... and that involves two aspects: 1) progression in their technical climbing ability.. i.e. success and 2) finding partners.

    As for selling memberships online - gyms have successfully used the booking system. See below. But again, I would highly discourage discounted EFT memberships online - you are selling yourself short. Periodic prepaid sales seem to work, but I can tell you... the mega gyms (i.e. $3m+ in revenue) ever, ever do those - for a reason.

    The secret to the successful gyms IMO... long term recurring billed members by creating successful climbers who have fun times with partners in the gym.

    Example of booking system/membership sales:

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