RGP Calendar Widget and website alignment

Is there a way to tweak the CSS or spacing for embedded widgets? Our calendar widgets are breaking out of the borders of our site when on smaller iphones(and using neverredirect).



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  • Hi,

    No, you cannot modify the CSS. And it should not be necessary to modify our CSS to have the widget fit on mobile devices as there are lots of integrations where the RGP widget fits beautifully into the gym's mobile version of their website.

    The widgets are designed to fit down to the 320px width of iPhone 4/5s. See this screen shot to see an example of it fitting on such a screen embedded into another site: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PASr3oVJIkRRl_bqHXLdY4TdDx-0rx0oYMsDfIgKBDQ/edit?usp=sharing

    Thus the issue should be fixable somewhere within your website CSS and needs to be adjusted there. Looking at your website - it seems you have not properly adjusted your margins when a mobile device is detected. Your margins should be reduced on a mobile device.

    That being said, it's not going to be perfect - especially depending on the content you include in the widgets that we have no control over. But looking at your website, you have WAY too much left margin on a 320px screen.

    Hope this helps

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