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Say I have a group that I want to give early sign up opportunity for a calendar event. How would I go about sending a private link to that group before allowing open online registration? I assume there is one somewhere that would let me do this and then I'd have to go in and check allow online bookings when I wanted to completely open it up? Would there be a way to automate that process such as a drop down box where you can select a date after which to allow online booking instead of either having it on or off?



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  • All offering links are private until YOU choose to share them. Meaning, create your offering and don't publish the links on your website or include the offering in any catalog widget that is already published on your website. And then email that link to the early registration folks. Only people with the link will be able to book.

    And then when you are ready, publish the link on your website (or include the offering in an existing catalog widget).

    That being said, if you intend to have your guest book online, they "online booking" option must always be checked... even for the private link you share.

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