Offerings on the last _day of the month

We currently offer a free Intro to Bouldering class that's run on the last Wednesday of the month. After upgrading to L3 (wahoo!) we'd like to offer sign-ups for this class online.

After creating the offering I set up a repeating rule for the 4th week of the month on Wednesday. Unfortunately June has 5 Wednesdays, and I'm unsure how to adjust the class to represent this. Is there a way to offer something on the 5th week of the month?




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  • Hi -

    There is no recurring rule for "last XYZ day of the month". Even Google Calendar doesn't have that option :)

    You could consider moving the event to the first Wed of the month, which is probably easier for your customers to figure out...

    But if you want to keep it on the last Wed of the month, you will need to handle those "5th week" cases manually. To adjust the event, you'd right mouse click on the "4th wed" in Manage Calendar and exclude that instance. Then you'd add a specific instance manually on the 5th wed by double clicking on the timeslot and adding a fixed event. You could do that for a year ahead so you don't forget about it... probably only a few months anyways.

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