Multi-gym for "Partner" gyms

Would the multi-gym functionality be appropriate for gyms that are "partnering", but not the same business?

The idea would be that each gym could recognize members from the other gym and then give them special treatment (e.g.discounted day pass). Another possibility would be a "premium" member has full access to both facilities.

In such a scenario, would the partner gym be able to see all of the data about the other gym, or is there a way to only make some of the data visible?

Does the level of visibility that RGP provides actually lend itself to this sort of arrangement, or does it really make the databases TOO open to the other RGP? Would there be a way to safeguard someone making inappropriate changes to the member data from the partner gym?



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  • Definitely not.

    The multigym is extremely tight integration between two databases with the presumption that the gyms are (essentially) the same business and follow the same procedures. All staff members get synchronized between the databases, etc. And staff members have full access to "manage" (and cause havoc) on customer records at both databases.

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