Third Party Gift Card Solution

Unfortunately, online gift cards didn't happen this year for RGP. Just too many other coals in the fire :)

One gym has identified a great third party provider:

They use Stripe as a backend credit card processor, so for those already using Stripe for the booking system - that part is all set.

As for accounting, here is a suggested workflow:

* Transaction occurs and is emailed to the front desk
* Front Desk enters the transaction in POS (enter in the customer name, selects gift card, copies the GC# from the email)
* Customer can come in with gift card email and use it just like they do a regular gift card

This will make Stripe bank account reconciliation a little nastier though! Not much we can do to help with that...

I'm targeting 2015 for integrated online gift cards in RGP - really :)



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  • We just started using this provider for our online gift cards a few weeks ago. Works great so far and we are looking forward to the final result.

    We have a link on our front page:

    You do need to setup a custom payment method so that you can setup your online payment method (and staff know how to pay for the transaction they are entering):
    Data Entry > Manage > Settings > Payment & Billing > POS > Custom Payment Method

    The only hiccups that we've noticed are:
    -Staff need to z-out the custom payment method (should equal the payments so the z-out is not over/under).
    -It can be helpful to have a manager/accountant change the invoice and payment date (In RGP Data Entry) so that it matches the transaction date (mainly if the staff enter the transaction a day or so late). Otherwise, reconciling transactions can be even more confusing.

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