Hey, just a quick inquiry regarding the current updates that have been summited. We're finding that when there is an update for RGP, as soon as we’ve update one terminal all other terminals are unable to access RGP until said update is installed. In the last two weeks were received two updates, each time these updates have stopped operations.

These have become problematic as we're currently running half a dozen terminals at our reception and a dozen terminals in our office. As soon as one terminal is updated it's required for our IT support to give access to install updates (to prevent staff install rubbish/virus onto our server) halting access to waiting customers; typically were receiving 500+ unsupervised climbers each evening so having to wait for these updates to install has become problematic.

I fully accept that from time to time it will be required to update the software to add new features and security updates, however would it be possible to have prior warning so that software updates can be scheduled at a time when the centre is closed to the public. Being as we’re a UK climbing centre I imagine these are scheduled to the US time zone so an email alert giving prior warning of upcoming updates would be welcomed.

Many thanks,

Duty Manager
The Castle Climbing Centre



  • Hi Dan,

    Audrey had previously requested that your facility be put on the "beta program" with the new booking system - hence the flurry of updates at your facility. Normally there are updates only every 4-8 weeks (unless there is a disastrous bug that needs a quick update), but because you've been running beta software they're naturally more frequent.

    Also... just because you see the update notification.... don't feel like you need to update immediately. Updates are rarely, if ever, urgently required. I do recommend all facilities update with 1-2 weeks of seeing the notification... but you certainly don't need to update the day you see the notification.

    Hope this helps explain the situation.


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  • Hi Andy
    Kerry here from The Castle, I asked Dan to email about this.
    The main point being that actually both updates were dated as being released in February which we thought that maybe we didn't need (and choose NOT to download) because we only started with you guys in June.
    The first one actually just shut down operations last Wednesday at 4pm, RGP just did it itself. We then called our IT company to help us log in with admin rights and after about 30 mins we got the tills back up and running. The exact same thing happened again this Wednesday at 4pm.
    Is there a way that we can set RGP not to enforce updates? The last one had only been sitting there for a few days.

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  • Hi Kerry

    RGP does not update itself. Someone with admin privileges within RGP initiated the update. Trust me when I say this as there is no code to auto update in the software :) Once one workstation updated, all the rest do as well (by design).

    I suggest you find out and/or limit who has administrative privileges as well as educate those folks not to update until you guys are "ready" for each update.

    The updates weren't dated because your gym is on the beta track, and I apologize for that confusion.

    I won't push any more beta updates to your facility since you aren't actively using the booking system.

    And then just limit the people who can and choose to update and then update when appropriate for your workload.

    Hope this helps!

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