QuickBooks not matching with RGP Z-Out

When we Z-Out (we only do this once a day), everything is zeroed out, drawer is even, no issues. When we transfer the journal entry to QuickBooks, it's saying we are over/under such an amount (usually under $20 either way). This could be specifically on the QuickBooks end, but I figured I would ask. Are we missing a step/process in RGP for a smooth transition? The only person who touches our QuickBooks is our book keeper who comes in once a week, beyond that, we are just transferring journal entries once a day. Why isn't RGP telling us we're over/under in the Z-Out?




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    Hello Scott, sorry for the delay we made an internal change which caused a slight mishap!

    The internal change was NOT to QB's but to the ticketing/support system and I wanted to clarify my statement to ensure there was no misunderstanding.

    That being said, you mind emailing support@rockgympro.com? As this type of question may require a bit of back and forth to solve.

    What does your Journal Entry Report have compared to the Zout for the same time period? And you can reply to support that would be great.

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  • I'm not sure what you mean by "quickbooks says you are over/under"... but all RGP does is transfer the z-out directly into quickbooks, line for line, based on the account mappings you have setup in the QB transfer.

    Are the mappings correct? You aren't accidentally transferring something to an account labelled over/under in QB are you?

    If you look at a z-out report for a day in RGP, is it in balance? (Reports -> ZOuts). Those exact amounts and accounts are transferred to QB.

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  • Andy,  We are having the same problem that just seemed to come up. I go in and transfer data to QB every couple of days. for January our bank statement was way off from what was being reported in QB and what we had shown in sales from RGP. The only change we have made in the last 30 days was installing two new computers at our front desk. The transfer application showed now signs of having changed and I kept transferring as usual. Am I missing something? Thanks!

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