Running RGP directly from a NAS drive

I'm not sure if this has been covered before. Would it be possible to or are there any issues with hosting the RGP database on a NAS drive, such as a Drobo box, rather than having to run a computer or server?

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  • RGP expects its database to be hosted on a Windows computer connected via a LAN to the workstations. Additionally, it is only tested on the Windows version of MySQL. All these NAS run the non-Windows builds of MySQL are there are absolutely differences (table name cases are one). We cannot recommend, not support, anything but running the RGP data on a Windows computer located within the facility connected by a LAN to the workstations. The automated RGP offsite backup system also requires being run on the Windows computer that is hosting MySQL - which is not possible on these NAS devices.

    Bottom line - there are lots of issues and we cannot support anything but a Windows machine and running the MySQL version available via the RGP download (MySQL 5.0.9*)... Do not attempt to use a different version of MySQL either.

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