Troubleshooting waiver connectivity issues

Customers often contact us stating their waiver system is not connecting or is slow to deliver the waivers.

We understand this can be very frustrating for you, but please understand the overwhelming likelihood is that you are experiencing a local or regional networking issue that is out of our control.

In the two years since the introduction of the waiver system, we've only experienced about 120 minutes of unscheduled downtime that was in our direct control. That is like 99.999% uptime :) Amazon Cloud Services (our data center, and yes... it's THAT Amazon) could be having an outtage as well - though their record of uptime is better than ours!

Even if the internet is operating properly for you, it could be that your ISP is having a connection issue to the region in the U.S. that contains the Amazon Cloud Services Data Center where RGP is hosted. That is also out of ours and Amazon's control.

Case in point - Time Warner Cable had a four-day disruption of services that prevented their customers from reaching portions of Amazon's Cloud Services. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do on our side and Time Warner took forever fixing the problem.

Additionally, could something have changed within your network environment? Was a new firewall added? Or DNS servers changed? Have you restarted your router? (If you don't know what these are... pass them on to your IT person!)

Another possibility - your customers are stealing your bandwidth if you offer public WIFI. I've seen this happen often. If you offer public WIFI, be sure to isolate that network and throttle the bandwidth!

We use a third party monitoring service to confirm our system is operating and reachable from points all over the globe. Click the link below to check the real time status of our system:

One of the best ways to troubleshoot the problem is to pull up a waiver in a smartphone connected to the internet over a cellular network. If you can complete the waiver properly on the smartphone (not connected to your WIFI!), then the problem is clearly with your connection.

You can test a waiver via your cellular network on the phone here:

When troubleshooting with your ISP, they may ask where you are having difficulty reaching. The URL they should test is (there is no web-page there, but that is the server name).

If waivers can be completed but are not being delivered, check the DATE, TIME, and TIMEZONE on all your RGP workstations. These must be correct for the secure connection between your location and RGP to be established.

And don't overlook the easy ideas - be sure to RESTART all your workstations/waiver stations and server computers... sometimes that fixes everything!

Hopefully these tips will help you determine if you are having a local networking problem that is preventing access to the waiver system.





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