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Hi Andy,

We're loving RGP, but I have a couple questions/concerns about how family memberships work.

1) When selecting the "add family" option in data entry, is there a way to see who is linked. I know that once I link them via Responsible Party, I can see who is attached to them, but I was hoping there was an option to see all members who have been added to the database via the "Add family" option. I.e Joe Smith is a regular who has a membership. As a family member, he's able to have discounted rates for the rest of his family who climb less frequently. Is there a way to determine through RGP who his family is?

2) In a similar scenario, we have Joe Smith who is an individual member, but wants to purchase a punch pass for his children to use. Is there an easy way to have it so that the children can use his punches while he remains a member. Currently, we get an error when trying to assign the kids as punch pass users when the responsible party is a member. We've found a workaround by temporarily switching the responsible party to a punch card user, going to the kids and linking them to the responsible party, and then switching the responsible party back to a member, but as you can imagine this is a cumbersome process .

Thanks Andy! We're really digging RGP!



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  • 1) All "Add Family" does is pre-populate the window with some settings. If you choose not to link them with the Responsible Party button, there is no other record kept

    2) Your work-around is the only method if you want the punches to be on the parent. Alternately you can put the punches on one of the children.

    Hope this helps

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