Is there an easy way to remove items from inventory without selling them? For example-if I offer a Gatorade or water to staff for free, or if my son pilfers one (and it happens...)how do I rectify the quantity sold or in inventory without ringing it up?
Also, I can't figure out how to have an item (t-shirts for example) with multiple sizes or colors and not have to create a new item for each.



  • Answer 1: Two options, ring it up for $0.00 (nothing wrong with that), or go to products and enter a restock adjustment

    Answer 2: Create a "parent" product of type Inventory Group. Then select that product, and add sub-items in the grid below. Each such item would be a different size/color.

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  • Thanks Andy,
    As always - simple -
    I'll be submitting my application for the premium support, and was wondering about payment options (don't want to put it on personal cc, and gym doesn't have one) and also, if reports will be available from prior to starting. ( back to Jan. if possible...) Thanks,

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  • Yes, the charting will include data from the beginning.

    I sent you an email directly about payment options (I can take check draft/ACH payments too).


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