Customer List Warning - Admin Level Override

It would be great to be able to suppress warnings on customers when we are fully sure that the warning meets our operational standards, but not RGP standards.

It would be nice to be able to run billing without having to double check warnings.

Two examples:

1. If there are two prices of Early entry memberships, one price will trip the warning.

2. An EFT member has punches they and they have an assigned member(s) that can use them. This trips a warning.

In both cases, we are fine with having two Early Membership prices and having EFT members with punches they have assigned to another climber.  

I would love to have an option to suppress these warnings at the member record level.

Admin level access and at my own risk.



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    Hello Kenneth- you can still run billing if you have warnings. RGP just wants to make sure you are aware of the warnings.

    I always View Customers with Warnings prior to opening the Billing window to ensure the warnings can be "ignored" otherwise there is the risk of "warning glaze" and missing an actual warning that needs attention.

    This all being said, I will add your request to our feature request list. Thank you for the feedback.

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