Automatic Backups Fail to Trigger

 Hello all,


We are having an issue where RGP backups are failing to automatically trigger. The backups were configured in task scheduler using the same user account that setup backups in RGP. The odd thing is that backups had been running normally. However, if I manually trigger the scheduled event, everything runs normally. I cannot find any issues; Task Scheduler shows normal completion, RGP Backup Log has no entries. The only error I have been able to find is in the Event Viewer, where there is an entry about permissions issues with Runtime Broker. I attempted to adjust the permissions on Runtime Broker but access was denied. As I'm writing this, the only thing that changed recently is that updates were run for RGP.

RGP is installed on a Virtual Machine. The Host Server is running 2016, the VM is also running Server 2016. All windows updates are done on both the Host and VM. 



  • no entries in the backup log lead me to believe the backup is not being run under that Windows user? Please email and I can login with you to troubleshoot.

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  • Hello All,


    After manually triggering the backup from Task Scheduler, everything seems to be working normally again. I'm currently working off the idea that the issue was caused by a different user running the RGP update. Is it possible that this caused a problem?

    Thank you, Tod, for the recommendation. I will make this change and see how the system behaves.


    Thank you,


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