Pulling bulk booking emails from Calendar Events

We run our youth program registration through Calendar, but aren't currently using SendGrid to contact those who sign up.

When I get parent emails for program correspondence from the classes on Calendar (their are 20+ seperate classes), the info that it gives me in the "participant" tab, are the emails that are on the climber's profile on RGP (as filled out on their waiver), rather than the email that was used to complete the booking. I save CSV files from the participant tab, to import this data into my mail service. This has been an issue more than a few times, as there often are discrepancies between the email used for booking, and the ones that their parents put down as their contact info on the waiver.

Is there a way to see and save a list of the booking emails per class (or for all classes in a session), rather than the emails as filled out on their waiver?

The only other way I can see to do this is copy each email one by one from the Booking tab on the Calendar window, and I would like to avoid that if possible.

Thanks in advance!



  • Have you tried using Customer Queries, with a filter for Booked XYZ course?

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  • Turns out the answer to my woes was in front of my face all along! That works perfectly, and makes things much easier now. Thanks Andy!

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