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We had a crowd funding even where some folks received a 1 year membership for a donation. They would like to have their family members also come to the gym. We have EFt memberships where the 1st member pays $75, the 2nd $50, the 3rd member $25, etc, for example. So, we are ok with the pre-paid 1 year member being the 1st family member (even though they are not technically doing an EFT) and their spouse and kid being the 2nd and 3rd EFT member. The billing and cred card info is associated with the 1st member. When I list the 1st member as the responsible party for member 2&3, I get a warning that says a pe-paid member can't be the responsibility party.

What's the best work around? thanks.



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  • Yes, prepaids aren't billed and thus can't be a responsible party.

    You can just move the credit card to #2 and #3 - and put a note in the parent's account if desired. So #2 becomes the responsible party.

    Alternately... you can keep #1 as a EFT, but set the next bill date way out in the future and add a future termination status on their prepaid end date.

    If you need specific assistance on this, I suggest emailing support.


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