Booking multiple classes


Two questions:

1) Is there a way for someone to purchase multiple classes (different dates, or different actual class types, rather than multiple places on one specific instance of a class) within one transaction? I seem to remember that this isn't possible at the moment.

2) If I have a class that is priced for individual sessions, is there any way to also offer a discount on multiple places?

I'd like to be able to offer the flexibility of booking individual sessions or block booking at a discount for things like kids camps in school holidays.




  • On #1, what you are asking about is a "booking cart" and RGP does not support a cart at this time. Perhaps in the future.

    On #2, that would require a cart to allow the discounts to be applied, so that to is not supported yet. But if/when we add a cart (no short term plans), we would design it to support discounts.

    Last week we rolled out user booking profiles to expedite repeat bookings. So your customers can create an account to have most the information stored for faster bookings. And next week we'll be allowing them to store credit cards with the profiles - so for repeat bookings your customers can have an expedited experience.


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  • Thanks Andy.

    The customer booking profiles are a great addition. Just one further question - I noticed in the FAQs that it mentions being able to configure these profiles from data entry>manage> but I don't seem to have the option to access the configuration tool. Do I need to run any additional update on the software to make it available?

    I'm keen to introduce the new functionality to our customers as a benefit, but I wanted to do it on a particular date, hence wanting to switch it off temporarily.

    Many thanks.


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  • If you installed the latest update, you have a menu option under Data Entry -> Manage -> Online Customer Profiles

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