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RGP is great software and our facility is using it for CRM but we can't use POS because of invoice has to have specific requirements which is obligatory by law in many EU countries. Such regulation requires that every invoice has its own identification number (which has to be sequential and reset every year), other obligatory data on invoice, some EU countries (including Slovenia) also has Fiscal verification of invoices by government tax office.

Our gym is located in Slovenia.

Is there any way to implement external POS to RGP via API or any other option possibilities to integrate (for example api call to external app on tender which generate proper invoice which is valid for specific country requirements) payment to customer.

I am programmer and understand a bit of things and this future would open RGP to many euro gyms (Austria, Germany, Scandinavian and balkan countries ...). Our gym would also be interested to develop modules compatible to RGP if this is necessary.



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  • Hi -

    Ultimately for this level of "integration" an API would be the wrong approach. RGP uses a local MySQL database... so if someone was motivated to write their own POS module, the best way would be to read/write directly from the MySQL database. But - it would be a HUGE task!

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