Negotiating CC Processing Fees in Canada

Anyone out there have any luck negotiating lower processing fees for Credit Card, or Stripe in Canada?



  • I don't think Stripe is negotiable by merchant. I know their entire UK rates were too high, and eventually they lowed UK rates for *all* merchants (not just RGP... a big reduction for all UK merchants). That being said, for card-not-present ONLINE transactions, their rates are pretty standard. It's difficult to get card-not-present rates much lower than the 2.9% due to the fraud risk with online transactions.

    If you are using OpenEdge for integrated RGP billing, you can try to negotiate with them. Tell them you are going to switch to direct debit directly to your bank. They won't call your bluff. This message will self destruct in one week :)

    Hope this helps

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  • Hey all,

    Just thought I would share some info following my rate review with OpenEdge. The process was simple, called Global Payments and they gave me a 1800 number for OpenEdge. I called and asked for a rate review, gave my Merchant #. They emailed me 2 days later with what they call "Potential Savings",so no wondering what kind of witchcraft they use to come up with that number.

    It "should" amount to an overall 6% reduction in fees, a nice chunk, for 2 phone calls, and an email. If anyone want to contact me direct ( to compare numbers I'd be keen. I wonder if anyone out there has done a few of these rate reviews, and seen a reduction on each one?


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  • Some more info on processing fees:

    Because most RGP merchants process both POS and billing transactions - each which have different rate/risk classifications - OpenEdge tends to put RGP customers in whats called "interchange+" pricing. Interchange is the rate the banks charge OpenEdge ... in essence, its the "floor". The "+" bit is how much OpenEdge marks it up. They are a business providing a service, and the "+" is their revenue. The + is usually given in percent, i.e. Interchange + 0.5% (which is a perfectly fair rate).

    So when you negotiate, if you are interchange+, you just want to get the + bit as low as possible... but understand it can't be zero. That is their revenue for providing the gateway service to the banks.

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