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OK a couple of questions.

My understanding is that if I want to link to my profile registration page from my website, that it seems straight forward. It sends me directly to the specific URL, where I can fill the form, and then once form complete it pushes me to a 'verify' email page. Perfect.

I can also see you have a dedicated URL for tablet use only, which on click takes me to the tablet root page, and in our case multiple buttons. The tablet URLS allow you to fill in the form, and once complete offers a choice of DONE (heading back to root) or Add minor page link etc.

We wanted a custom web page to use on the tablets (better for brand, allows for more things like comp signups etc), so we coded a page with new buttons and linked each button through to the correct individual (tablet) form - but the issue is that once the forms are complete, and DONE is pressed, they are taken back to the old dynamic tablet root page (of course). I got the specific tablet forms by loading the tablet root page in browser, clicking the relevant form button, and the copying the URL from the bar directly on the page and hard coding this URL in the button on our custom page, the URL containing many more parameters and variables, such as no_gmttimecheck, onlinekey, tabletmode, outputdoc etc.

Is there are way of forcing the tablet forms to all go back to OUR custom page, rather than the rgp tablet root page?

I can see it pushes the variable backToTabletFormList=1, can I modify any of these variables to help this?

Thanks again,



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  • Since that post, I have found a (delayed) workaround - but by having our iPads running in a 'kiosk' app, so I can control the delay for reset back to a specified URL.

    So if someone fills in half a profile in house and walks away for some reason, I don't want that data just lying around for the next person to see - so we have a timeout after a few minutes that resets back to the homepage we specified (Our custom URL). This then also works with the current tablets, so someone fills in a form, it then DOES default back to the standard RGP dynamic tablet root page, but then after a few mins of non activity it then switches back to the specified URL in the kiosk app - which also stops people from browsing away from the forms etc.

    Would still be able to switch them back quicker though for consistency!


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