Issue with Stripe integration, RGP has given a double invoice

When reconciling I discovered that an online payment had been duplicated in RGP so that it had two invoices for one payment of £20. Stripe has only one record of the payment and so we came up £20 short on that stripe transfer. I cannot void an online payment so am stuck with a discrepancy between RGP and my bank balance!
Screenshot of the two invoices is available



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  • Tom -

    In very rare events (it's happened about 10 times in hundreds of thousands of transactions), RGP can download a transaction twice. This results in a double invoice and a double booking. It is sort of like when airlines double book a seat ;) I'm presuming this is the same situation, thus only one Stripe payment SHOULD have happened - and there would be a double booking.

    You should be able to cancel the double booking (but don't refund the payment). As for the invoice, you may be able to mark the payment as declined in the Payments tab of Invoice and History for the customer. And then you may be able to void the invoice.

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