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I think I may have read an answer to this question somewhere before, but I can't remember where. This is all pertaining to the calendar module of RGP.

1. Say I have an event that I'd like to provide early online registration for to a certain group of people. Is there a way to make the event private and allow only those receiving an email link to register for a certain period of time before making it available to others?

And maybe I have a group that requires instructor approval or invitation to attend. Is there a way to make sure that only those people are able to register online?

2. Could registration be completed from a mobile phone? I assume as long as the website is mobile compatible it should work?



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  • 1. All URLs for events are private until *you* make them available on your website. So if you make a private event, just don't put the URL on your website and only include it within an email to the specific customers.

    2. Yes, the booking pages are all mobile friendly.

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