Booking Calculated Price not matching price sent to POS

I have a comp registration page setup at

Booking through that page works awesome, they choose a shirt size and get charged, the price for early registration auto changed after a certain date (awesome feature) and it even adds $5 if they're not a USAC member.

Totally Sweet.

However, if someone books in person, RGP is not sending the "calculated price" to POS, its only sending the booking price. I get the warning:
"NOTE - either the price assigned to the booking does not match OR this is not the first time the balance has been paid, thus it is impossible to know how much to allocate to the specific products assigned to the custom questions. The entire amount will instead be assigned to the primary booking product."

I don't understand how that could be. What did I do wrong?



  • Update - I see that if I click "modify price" it will calculate the price based on number of participants and custom questions.

    However, I have a custom question that if answered no has a price of $5 and the default answer is no. This amount is not being calculated in the booking at all.

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  • Further update. Figured it out - the pricing rules were working fine online, but in person it was not assigning the corect value based on "rule applicability dates." I just removed the pricing rule since that window has passed and it is now working properly.

    Is this a bug or did I not configure something properly? Its weird that all of the online bookings worked perfectly.

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  • I haven't heard of any issues regarding price calculations and rule dates. Do you remember the rule specifics?

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