Booking widgets and security

We have been fielding questions recently regarding the security of our online booking widgets when embedded within a gym's unsecured website.

Please be aware that ALL of Rock Gym Pro booking widgets are served via secure web pages (HTTPS).

Even if the RGP booking widgets are embedded on an unsecured page, the RGP booking widgets remains secure.

But if your gym's website is not secure, then your customers will not see the security icon in their browser's address window during the booking process and may feel their information is not secure.

A gym's unsecured website does not alter the security of the underlying RGP booking widget, but your customers may be confused and feel their information is not secure because your website is not showing the security icon in the browser window.

RECOMMENDATION: It is highly recommended that you take the necessary steps to secure your gym's website.  Only your web designer or IT person can secure your website, we are unable to help with that task.   




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