Prompting for how a customer heard about us when accepting a waiver

When I Add a new customer, I get the window asking how they heard about us.
I want the same behaviour when creating a new customer by accepting their digital waiver. I feel like I must be missing something obvious to enable this.

I am aware that I have the option to enhance our waiver form by adding a question that then automatically gets saved to the SOURCE field, and in the long run that is a better solution, but until I get around to modifying the digital waiver I'd like to have that window pop up so my staff remember to ask the customer.




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  • hello John, the tag window will only appear if you are adding a customer manually via the Add button. When you add a customer via the Find Document window, there will a Tags Tab which you can then use to populate the customer record with a tag. As far as helping the staff remember...a large sticky note on the monitor? It will always be a challenge to have staff remember "everything".
    That being said, to add a Choice list for how did you hear about us, on your current digital waiver doesn't take too long to add. Then when you click Publish Design to Live the changes occur to all of URL's for the digital waiver. Hope this helps.
    Thank you,

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