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We started issuing 1 guest pass a month to our members a few months ago. I can see how many have been used each month, and for any specific member I can see when they used their pass and who they brought in. I haven't yet figured out how to get a list of all those who came in via a member guest pass in a given period of time, so I can see how many of those became regular customers or members. Is there a way to get this information?



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  • In the standard report list there is a Guest Pass Used report. It lists both the member and the guest/person who used the pass.

    You can also use Customer Queries for this for slightly more advanced information.

    Create a query representing the type of customer (perhaps "became member", or current member). Then SAVE-AS a custom report. Use the Custom Columns option and one of the custom columns at the bottom is guest passes used.

    In this way you could do a query such as...

    Show everyone who purchased a new membership in the last 3 months AND who bought a guest pass.

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