Ipad Stations and Email Confirmation

I have received a report, from our front counter team, that occasionally the Ipad station in the gym exits kiosk pro into a web browser for people to complete the waiver document. When that happens the customer is stuck waiting for the email confirmation to come through. Some times the confirmations take a while to come through and every once in a while we have a person without a smartphone to check their email.

Anyone experienced this problem? Any ideas? I have not been able to recreate the issue myself.



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  • First, ipad stations should NOT send email confirmations. That is only for online/web-based waviers. If you are requiring email confirmations in your gym then you are using the wrong URL. Unless of course you want email confirmations and have intentionally used the online URL for your gym waivers...

    As for Kiosk Pro.... we no longer recommend it. Too many bugs/crashes in Kiosk Pro such as what you are experiencing.

    We now recommended Apple's built in Guided Access.


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