Multi-gym charting and data visualization, and

Just another request for a later point when you have time. I am sure the lag as all of these populated would be long, since it would be a large amount of info for the VPN to be drawing from, but I wanted to put that out there also.

One other question: I have noticed that the sales summary grid is often not accurate to actual sales (even with the only collected sales box checked) when compared to the z-out summary for a majority of a day, and for past days as well. For looking at days in the past (to analyze monthly billing at all of our facilities at once over longer stretched of time, for example), it looks like the declined transactions are included in our totals, or something is off so that the sales summary numbers are significantly inflated from our z-outs.

Either way, let me know; it would be great to be able to see a graph of sales trends in all of our facilities at once as a color coded line chart, so I don't have to do the same thing eight times and then lay them over each other to get the effect.

As always RGP is an amazing program, and thank you for all that you do. You should totally charge way more for it. You know, for everyone other than us. :)

Take care, and talk to you soon.



  • The subject line leaves something to be desired on this one, but what can you do.

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  • Dave -

    Multigym charting will never happen, sorry. The data exchange would be impossibly slow and impractical. You can drop the data into an Excel chart periodically and combine them to graph the data in Excel. Not idea, I know... sorry :(

    As for Sales Reports / Z-Out not matching.... the reports are correct. ZOuts reflect PAYMENT DATES for the date range, Sales reports reflect INVOICE DATES. If someone pays an old invoice today, for example, it will be reflected in the z-out for today but NOT the sales report for today. It would be in the sales report for the older (invoice) date.

    Hope that 'splains it.


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  • Data visualization is a modern equivalent of visual communication. Web charts can be a good option for you.

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